Thursday, May 17, 2012

Chimera Rising: Chapter One: Mostly Mundane

Elemental Guardian:
Notice: This story is an original creation of mine, and as such, all the characters belong to me. Please do not steal this fic.

"Hello, this ABC-7, your local morning news. We're broadcasting live here with the 10 O'Clock news with anchors Chad Letts and Paula Angel*," the announcer said as the program began

"Hello," Chad Letts said. "Today, viewers, you're in for a treat. The top story of the day is a very interesting one. It seems that the Chicago area has a new superhero that just became active last night when she thwarted a bank robbery at the local Bank of America, located at 4500 W North Avenue. She identified herself as The Elemental Guardian after handing perpetrators over to the police before vanishing from the scene."

He turned to his co-anchor and said:
"Over to you, Paula."

She smiled back with the standard overly pleasant look all news anchors seem to have, and turned back to the audience to speak.

"Thank, you Chad. The bank heist was orchestrated by none other than Lucian Owens. You probably know him as the superhuman felon 'Hardcore', currently guilty of repeated accounts of theft, breaking and entering, arson, and several instances of manslaughter, including police officers and last year, Police Detective Charles Hobson. The police have already taken him into custody, for the fourth time. According to the report, they're going to be putting him under into suspended animation until they can design a cell that can hold him indefinitely."

"Hardcore is not known for being a pushover for even the toughest of superheroes, like The Prime Paragon, who assisted in his previous incarceration," Chad added.

"We're now going live to the scene of the crime with Ash Gibson," Paul said. "Ash, what can you tell us about the robbery and how it was thwarted?"

The view cut to a reporter standing out front of the bank. Behind him, not even a foot away, was a line of police tape with the broken front window of the bank also visible behind him.

"Hi, this is Ash Gibson live at the sight. Let me tell you, I have not seen a bank heist this elaborate in quite some time. This was an inside job. The plant was Alexander Winston, a security guard hired seven months ago. He'd been memorizing the layout and the technical aspects of the security since the beginning.

"Winston even managed to sneak Michael "Mouse" DiMaggio, a small time cyber hacker and embezzler, onto the roof to intercept the silent alarms and hack the feed of the security cameras. From there, it was simple for them to gain entry and dispatch the rest of the overnight personnel."

"So how did this robbery get turned on its head," Chad asked.

"My guess is that our new hero spotted Mouse on the roof," Ash replied. "That this scheme was thwarted may have been by happy chance. Mouse was found unconscious on the second floor by the SWAT team. She then took out most of the rest before they even knew what was happening."

"Ash, what exactly were the Elemental Guardian's powers?"

"According to Hardcore, Winston, and the other criminals, her abilities were simple martial arts augmented by Elemental Manipulation. Their testimony said that they witnessed her using air, fire, water, and earth before she successfully stopped their heist. Here's Officer Trevor Murphy to give his thoughts of this new face."

Gibson held the microphone up to an aging police officer.

"Officer Murphy, what is your take on this new hero in Chicago?"

"Morning. You see a lot on things as a policeman, especially since Supers started showin' in in the 80s. I haven't quite seen this before, though. Um, sure, sure, you get fire starters, wave surfers, mud slingers, and windbags, but all four? Not around here. I can't really figure her yet. We'll just have to wait and see. You get a lot ego-tripping "heroes" and few men and women that're the genuine article as far as Supers go. Time will tell."

"And there you have it. The Elemental Guardian: Hero or Ego-Stroking Menace? Back to you, Paula," Ash replied, facing the camera again.

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Guardian's Ascent

Elemental Guardian:

Notice: This story is an original creation of mine, and as such, all the characters belong to me. Please do not steal this fic.

The Guardian's First Ascent

The rhythmic rumble on the L-Trains cut through the air of the Chicago night. In with the other sounds of the city, one would hardly call it peaceful, but it was home to the Chicagoans all the same. A man sat on a bench on the sidewalk under a streetlight reading a newspaper. He lowered the paper and looked across the street at the bank. Then he looked at his cellphone, checking the time. He grinned, and raised the paper again. The last of the civilian workers left, leaving only the security guards. They were visible from the front heading off to make their rounds.